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MBPhotos - tags as genres?


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I am seeing some strnage behaviour with the MBphotos plugin. photos added and collection shows fine and from that respect it all works great. However when I browse my ImageByName folder under the Genres folder I am seeing some new folders based on the photo content. This shows in two ways

1) My photos are sotred by months and years ie 01-January 2010 etc. I get soem Genre folders for these folder names but not all ?

2) I use Photoshop elements to organise the photos and add tags like names etc off the face recognition capability. I am seeing some folder (again not all) that reflect these tags ie Jack.


It is not a major deal as all that happens is I get some extra empyt folders in the Genre Imagesbyname folder. However it my be useful if people could have a genre type view of the photos collection by picking up these tags etc.


Any ideas ?



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Tags are read and duplicated as genres in photos so that you can have a by genre view of them using those tag values.

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