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Language settings per User and/or Movie Menues


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Hello together,


I wanted to ask if it would be possible to have the possibility to create a Menu for Movies, which can be put together in metadata Manager by selecting different audio streams and subtitles to one of the menu entries. Maybe a pre selection for language and den show the created menu entries. Designwise background could be a blurred Backdrop pic, every menu point could show the backdrop more clear with some user defined text on it. Every menu entry den would choose the corresponding subtitles and audio streams.

This way we could realize in Emby somthing like you see on your blu rays where der is Commentry on a movie, which is basically just a different Audio track. Or based on the language you choose the corresponding audio tracks are chosen. For example I have german movies with german audio and some forced subs for foreign language parts. If I watch that movie in english language there is no froced sub existing.


It would also be good if the interface and metadata language could be define in user manager and that clients pick up that setting.


something like this maybe simply: https://pmcvariety.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/apple-tv-lego-movie-itunes-extras.png


Would be awsome if the coming versions of emby would support that :)

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Hi, welcome. Interface language has to be an in-app setting for each individual app. On some devices, the stores require that we automatically detect the user configured language for the device and they'll reject us if we override that with something different. 


The metadata language is different. For that this is possible, but i guess it means no more locally saved metadata and we'd just have to fetch it from the internet on demand.

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