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Deleting LiveTV Recordings on ROKU


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When watching a live recorded show on ROKU and then selecting the delete option, the show does not appear to delete.  I actually utilize my Mac and the WEB Interface to delete the show after watching.  This used to work, but for some reason has stopped.  Not sure when this stopped working.


I will upload the logs when the next time I record a show and try to delete, but was wondering if others are experiencing the same thing.



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ok -- so it took longer than I expected.  Been extremely busy at work.  However, I tried the Delete option on ROKU again at around 9pm tonight.  The recording did not delete and remains intact. I am attaching the a part of the server log as I promised. The full log was too big to upload


The error is at the following location:


2016-08-10 21:01:01.3512 Error ServiceStackHost: ServiceBase<TRequest>::Service Exception

*** Error Report ***


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Looking at the log -- the error seems to be reporting: Recording with Id 0db9a4e94b1da4e473908cd7acf41156 not found


Not sure why the ID would be wrong as I can play the show

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