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Problem entering password with iOS remote


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For the password problem, I'm afraid I am not familiar with whatever app you are using from your phone. Can you describe exactly what that is?  Does the pw entry work okay if you use the on-screen keyboard?


emby server (the problem also there on stable ver)

Ubuntu server 12.04.5

emby app for Apple TV 4


When I use Apple Remote App (iOS app for iPhone and iPad) as the remote (don't user Apple TV remote) - please see the attached screenshot 01 ...

and try to enter the username and password (please see the attached screenshots 02,03,04 and 05), it give me an error:

"Oops. Something went wrong... Error signing in" - please see the attached 06.


I hope its clear now :)








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Since we weren't able to reproduce the problem, the only think I can think of is that your password may have some sort of characters in it that are not translating like you think they are when using that entry method.


Can you try maybe a simpler password and see if you can discover something that way? 

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