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Updated Status Bar Icon


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After the much needed help getting Emby up and running everything seems to be running smoothly.  I'm loving the interface and features!  The only thing that I didn't like was the status bar icon.  It doesn't have the updated emby look (which I really like).  It's also in color and my OCD starts firing when I see anything but black in my status bar.  I went ahead and created my own status bar icon to share with others.  Here is how to install it:


Right click on Emby.server.mac --> Show Package Contents --> Contents --> Resources


Rename the file I've attached to "status icon.png" and replace it with the file of the same name.  Be sure to make a backup of the original just in case.  I've included an image for both light and dark themes.  I hope you like it!





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Great, thanks! If you don't mind, we'll use that in the official release. If that's ok, then just zip it up and attach (this will avoid forum compressing it). Thanks!

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