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Asustor NO SOUND via Emby


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Was wondering if anyone else has this problem and knows how to fix it ?


I usually watch media thru Kodi connected to the TV via HDMI cable - using Emby as the media Library/Librarian.

This works fine, most of the time, but the link between Kodi and Emby sometimes doesn't work and rather than wait 2 odd hours for Kodi to refresh the media before it will play anything, I thought I might just play the show direct from Emby - but I can't.


I can play MP3 music files via SoundsGood and Hi-Res Player using the HDMI connected to the TV.


But from LooksGood and Emby - I can only get picture - NO SOUND !!


Any idea why or is there a setting somewhere that needs to be set to direct the sound out via the HDMI ?



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Sorry didn't get back to you, but have been away.

Have found a work around the problem, my TV has a optic snd out, so I use that to connect to the amplifier.


but my biggest problem are the updates .. and that will be a new topic I MUST GET AN ANSWER TO ...


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Just a quick update -

Since the last Emby (Asustor Vers.) Update debacle, I thought I would see if Emby will play music or shows/movies direct and not via Kodi.

Once again there was no sound - only picture.

Same with the other Asustor apps as well - (LooksGood, Hi-Res Player and SoundsGood etc).


Fix -

Seems that SoundsGood controls the output of the sound and if it has either updated or been re-installed then the settings don't get saved.

Open SoundsGood - select Settings (cog on bottom left corner of screen).

 - make sure the "Enable local audio output" is ticked and change the Audio Device.  (Doesn't matter if the Audio Device is the one you are using, just change it to something else) then Apply

 - Close SoundsGood and then re-open.

 - If you changed the Audio Device to one your not using, change it to suit and then Apply.


All your apps with sound output should now work.

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