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[BUG] "More episodes" list is buggy


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Issue description:

When on the episode view of an episode, in a season where the first couple of episodes are missing, when I press right to open "More episodes", no episode seems to be selected. Looking at the numbers in the bottom left, it looks like it selects something further down the list, even though there isn't anything down there. It doesn't go upwards when I press up, but the whole menu moves upwards when I press down. If I keep pressing up, eventually it gets to the selectable episodes.



Steps to reproduce:

See above and video.


My TV/HTS/BD Player model number:



My firmware version:



Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on:



My Emby server version:


My current Emby Samsung client version:

2.1.3 (1080p)

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I see something similar with 2.20b.


If a season is complete, but you don't have all the episodes (i.e. I usually delete episodes after a few weeks) then it never shows any of the "More Episodes".  It will continue to show the item shown just before moving to "More Episodes".  For instance if coming from the top down then chapters is shown when on "More Episodes" and if scrolling from the bottom up then Cast is shown while sitting on "More Episodes".


Example: I only have 3 episodes of Gotham still in my library (pic #1).  When I click on one of the episodes and then "More Episodes" you can see it doesn't display any of the other episodes (pic #2) but still shows chapters.







However, if I have all episodes for the season in my library (i.e. I have all episodes of season 6 of GoT), or if there is any Unaired episodes (i.e I only have 2 episodes of Outlander, but there is still one unaired episode left) then clicking on "More Episodes" displays all the episodes I have.

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Yeah, I get that too, sometimes, but usually only if it can't identify the episodes properly. But in your situation, it looks like they are all identified nicely. Weird.

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