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Videos can only be started from EHS "last added" view.

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Hello. I'm a WMC and MB fan and i hope you can help me find a solution. 


Some videos in my collection show only the correct file description, but only show the MBC default icon with a red check mark. If I select that file, the "play" screen is empty even though MB3 already populated the directory with meta data and images. 


However, I can play that same file directly from the EHS "last added" view. See pic here,right at the start of post #2



From that ehs " last added" view, I can view a thumbnail and the file plays fine. I can play the file in WMPlayer. In one case, a whole folder of mp4 tv episodes is like this, in another case only some files in the directory have is issue. All the ones with the problem show this red check mark. 


So, what does a redcheck mean?

Why can I launch a file from a "last added" view,but the file is nonexistent if I go into that media library.


Thanks in advance. 



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Sounds like your content is not being recognized properly.  Have you followed the library structure documentation?


Can you post a screen shot from win explorer of the structure of one of these folders that has a problem?


If you bring these up in the web client, what do you see?

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Thank you. I'll get some screen shots soon. 

In general, what things cause the red check mark? Sorry for such a simple question, but I couldn't find anything on them when searching...

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Yeah, none of those actually look like what they should.


Once you get the structure where we can recognize it as TV you will be pleasantly surprised by how much better it will all look and work.

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Here is what I see happening, in live color..


I'm using one example of a library called TV.

Everything looks fine and can be clicked on and launched and play great from this "last added" view. see below


below is what it looks like when I click on big bang theory from this ehs view... looks perfect, works.



However, if I click on TV, I see the following:


Image is not visible and if I select the same big bang theory file, the data is gone and there's nothing to play and no data and not even a play button...see below.


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Here's the structure in win explorer as you asked for.  I'm not just getting this type of behavior in this one TV library, but also a few others with similar structure.  all these are on a NAS. I'm using full ip adresses 192.168 etc etc /share/director method.




You also asked for the view from MB3 web...

I think this is what you were asking for...


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So that's a movie structure. You should either change the collection type to movies, or restructure the tv so that you're using one of these two:


\tv\big bang theory\season 1\s01e01.mkv




\tv\big bang theory\s01e01.mkv

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Thank you. I'll try reorganizing and naming appropriately.

One clairification please. doesn't each tv episode need to be in its own folder to store meta data, episide description, pictures, show date, etc?

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No, tv episodes should all be in season folders (or named appropriately).  There are examples in the library structure docs.

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I followed the recommendations from the replies above and the tutorial on naming. While annoying to make the changes to folder and file structure, it worked and looks very nice. Thank you.


Is there an easy or automated way to get WMC recorded tv into this format so that ripped tv shows and recorded shows can play nice together in Mb3 in WMC? I'll start this in a new thread...


Thanks again...I'll be looking for the donate button...

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