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Best way to run Emby on a mini PC.

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Basically, I just want a mini PC that doesn't use a lot of power to be able to only run an emby server, with an external HDD plugged into it. I'm relatively intermediate with computer stuff, and was looking into the Raspberry Pi, but it doesn't look like that will end up working for me due to transcoding problems. Does anyone have a setup for this? I literally just want a low power pc running 24/7 with all my media, so that i can stream it to various devices. Any help would be awesome. Thanks, all!

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The viability of a low-power server is entirely dependent on your media and playback devices.  As soon as transcoding is required so is server power.

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What are you considering "low-power" and what is your budget?


I run Emby on a custom build NAS and Xpenology, required much of fiddling and setup time though.


Going with one of the stronger Synology NAS might work.

Also some of the Intel NUC system may be worth a look too.

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