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Emby only plays one song


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I have an Emby server setup on my Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) machine. The machine is a Lenovo B560 and has decent specs. I have an extensive music library which is fully indexed by Emby (~1500 albums). When I click on an album to play it, all the songs will be put in the queue and Emby will play the first song fine. However, after that, it will refuse to automatically play the next one, despite it being 'Up next'. If I look at the queue, it will show the first song as playing, even though it is long finished. When I eventually give in and press the button to play the next song, it does so fine. This is annoying, as it means I am unable to play more than one song when I am driving, and it's frustrating enough in the house.


So what is the reason for this strange behaviour? Is it a misconfiguration issue? If not, how can I fix it?

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