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No MKV playback w/ embedded subtitles, emby 3.0.5972 and ubuntu 14.04 LTS


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Good day,


I really enjoy emby server. Thanks for such a great application.


I upgraded to 3.0.5972 under ubuntu 14.04 LTS and now my mkv files do not stream. Emby is responding with an error message when trying to stream the file. I have attached a complete log with debugging(dlna included) turned on. The error message in question occurred at 17:22.25. It seems that the videoStreamer does not like the Embed on the end of the http url. An mkv file with no embedded subtitles streams fine.


I can recreate the error if I paste the url into a web browser(opera, iexplore). If I remove the Embed from the url the file loads fine. Attached is the xml output of the error message after I paste the url into opera.


Here are the steps completed to try to reslove:

  1. Clean install of emby-server complete with file and db purge - same issue
  2. I have rebuilt the server with a clean ubuntu 14.04LTS foundation re-install emby - same issue

Also, it seems that emby is not scanning the video files for chapter thumbnails - I could not see any error message in the log regarding that.


Any assistance to resolve would be wonderful. 






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Hi, welcome. This is resolved for the next release of Emby Server. If you need an immediate fix you can try the beta channel.

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