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I just bought an HDHomeRun Connect (HDHR4-2US) and when I try to use Chrome on the sever to watch it, it gives an error about not having any available tuners.  When I use Emby Theater on Windows 10, it just sits there forever.  I attached the logs and both have the same error in transcoding (which it shouldn't even be doing):


[mpeg2video @ 0000000001d54e80] Invalid frame dimensions 0x0.


I have verified the HDHomeRun Connect is working fine through HDHomeRun VIEW.  On the box, it shows a checkmark next to DLNA (but obviously won't transcode).


Both machines (server and client) are both capable of direct streaming it so I'm not sure why it is trying to transcode at all.  The server should also be capable enough to transcode having an Xeon E3-1230 v3 (Intel QuickSync not supported) and Radeon HD 5570 (UVD2).


I attached the logs.



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It's working in general now.  I haven't tried again on the server but that's fine if it doesn't work there.

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New Question - I just installed a new HDHomeRun device and connected it to the HD antenna then to the Network.  Once connected to the network, it was discovered by the Emby Server (ver 3.5.3) and (16) channels were listed.  Everything appeared normal.  I am tyring to watch Live TV thru the Roku Emby app that is hardwired to the network (no wifi connection)


However, when I started the Live TV app on Emby (via Roku), then selected a channel, the OTA channel did not load or play on the TV.  I rechecked the install instructions for both the HDHomeRun and Emby and could find nothing wrong.  If it helps, the Emby Server is a new PC running Windows 10, with 32 GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage and a new 6-processor Intel i5 chip.


Is there an installation step I missed?  Is there a setting I should check?





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