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Yeah, if I'm browsing an older series, I don't want it to show "Series Premiere" and "Season Premiere" on the first episode of each season, it would just look weird. The real purpose for the banner is to say, "Hey, one of your shows is starting again!"


Yes, I agree with that.  I guess I was just thinking that you would want that display to continue until you watched it - which means it would also exist in another view until that time (like next up).  But then we run into issues of clashing with other indicators like future and missing.


BTW - the reason I created a whole new row for this in the ATV/FTV app was to bring attention to them.  Because the most likely scenario for a new season premiere is that it will be about #32 on your list of next up items (because you haven't watched it in a year).  Having a row for them immediately shows you "Hey, one of my shows is starting again" :).

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@@bfir3 - any chance of an update for this on new beta/dev?  Since the librarybrowser.js has been reworked.

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