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Banner resize causes Emby for WMC to freeze


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Hi All,


Have run into an issue while configuring my TV Series view with Banners. It has been running flawlessly with banners for the longest time, however I just wanted to increase the size of them so as to improve the view (not so many rows)


I have found that after I changed the size of them, Emby locked up and I had to close down WMC completely. Now everytime I select 'TV Shows' Emby completely freezes and I have to kill it. Normally when entering a view it will select an item to navigate, now it just stays there nothing selected.




The clock doesn't move, so I know it's frozen.

Does anyone know how to reset user views? Poster, banner, strip, etc?


I have already tried uninstalling / deleting config from dir / re-install


Running server:

Running EMC: 3.0.305.0


log of when change was made:



log when a new session is opened and navigate to tv shows, pretty much nothing:




If anyone can help me reset this view that would be great. Every other media category works fine.


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Poster size should be stored in the cache from my knowledge, I'm unsure if uninstalling removes the data in the cache.


I believe the Emby server stores that in a specific directory which you can probably see from the server interface menu. If you delete that directory I believe it may reset the poster size to defaults.



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Is there anything in your Windows Event Log when it freezes up?

hi ebr, nope there is nothing in the Event Log.


to be clear, WMC is not frozen as I can hit the green button to get back to its main menu and still navigate that no problem. However if I try start Emby from there it simply puts me back to that frozen view.

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Honestly, I'm not sure how to get past this other than drastic measures that would cause you to lose all display prefs.


If you log in as a different user, its still okay, right?


What has happened is you've hit an old bug in the WMC display engine.  I thought we had this blocked but maybe the banners are a wrinkle we didn't account for.

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If you log in as a different user, its still okay, right?

Yup, a different "test" user is fine. But then I reproduced the issue by increasing banners to '450' that's where it locked up.


So how drastic is drastic? I don't mind losing all my display prefs again - i can easily live with that. Is that the worst part, or do I stand to lose more?

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You will lose display prefs for all apps and all users but that should be it.


Shut down the server

Delete data\displaypreferences.db

Restart server


And don't make the banners that big again :).

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