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Cant find file after Sync


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 New to Emby and trying out the sync feature using my Samsung S6.  I sync'ed an episode of a series to my phone, the emby app reports the episode sync'ed, I go to the directory: device storage/movies/SeriesName (created by the emby app) and the directory is empty. I cant find the file anywhere on the device,


Next I looked for the the log file on my phone and was unable to locate the logfile (searched device storage for emby)

I was using the default samsung my files app to search


The only success I had was finding the server logfile ... go me 


any help would be appreciated 






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Hi, welcome. Some of the paths changed recently with the move to supporting android 6.0. I have updated the wiki post with the new logging path that is used by the latest version:




The default sync path is actually in the same place, there should be a sync folder next to the logs folder. Can you take a look? If you still can't find them, then please try syncing a new file again, then provide both the app log and the server log. Thanks!

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 Thanks , that did the trick, the sync folder and log fiile were located /android/data/com.mb.android/files

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