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Missing Recordings


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I found out tonight that Emby TV has been missing a bunch of recordings for at least a couple of shows, The Blacklist and The Big Bang Theory.  I switched over to Emby TV in December, and all the episodes of each show recorded fine until the middle of March.  But after that no episodes were recorded, but I didn't notice because I had fallen behind on both shows and planned to catch up over the summer.


Tonight I noticed that the newest Blacklist episode was listed to be recorded in the Android app and on the web client, but that it never started recording.  I looked in the server logs for the last couple of days and I found two references to the episode:


1. yesterday there was a message saying that the timer would fire in ######### minutes, and I checked the timing of the message and the start time would have been the correct 8:00 CST.


2. 26 minutes AFTER the episode was over, there was a message that the timer had fired but that the episode was already over.


No other reference to recording the Blacklist episode appears anywhere in the log.  I can attach a log, but from 15 minutes before it should have started until 15 minutes after it should have started, there is nothing but fetching some artwork for library items.  No errors or warnings at all.


I have no evidence that this is exactly what happened with all the other episodes because those logs have already been deleted.  I have run several beta versions of the server since mid March, but this last recording was missed while running version 3.0.5978.0 on a Windows 10 PC. 


Any thought on what might have caused that large a delay in the recording timer?



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