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Emby leaking memory or using a lot of it


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Recently Emby started crashing on my QNAP with 8 GB of RAM. I would restart it and it would run for a few hours and then stop suddenly. After taking a peek at the logs I can see that Emby ran out of memory indexing pictures. If I exclude the pictures from my Library then Emby indexes in about 2 minutes and stays up. If I include the pictures then indexing takes several hours and causes crashes. There are some new pictures but it seems to crash in some of the older folders.

I love Emby and would not mind taking a go at trying to troubleshoot this further, but some questions before I do:
1. Would it be useful to troubleshoot this same symptom on a Linux/Windows VM?
2. Do we expect memory leaks or is there some confidence that it can't be a memory leak?
3. If there is no memory leak and we expect the problem is just too many pictures then is it worth trying the experimental x64 version?


FWIW, the photo folder contains 850k files. But this includes the .nfo and other meta data that Emby creates. For 850k files to take 2GB of RAM would imply each file taking more than 2kB of RAM. Does that seem like something we expect?

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