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Automatic Watch Status (.strm) not working


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Hi Everyone


I've been a Kodi user for only 6 months. During this time I was using mySQL for syncing the library across kodi installs and it worked great.


I recently redid my server and thought I would try Emby this time around.



My issue: After finishing a TV show or Movie (.strm) from the library the watch status does not change to "watched" on Kodi or on Emby.



If I manually change the watch status on Kodi it updates Emby instantly.


If I manually change the watch status on Emby it updates kodi instantly.



-Local content works properly.


-A .strm file (which is not in my Emby library) played directly from the channel add-on also works properly.



So it looks like it’s only .strm files in the Emby which are not automatically changing to “watched” when finished.



Here is some background on my setup incase its relevant.


I have 1 windows 10 computer which acts as the server and the clients. It’s a multi-seat setup with currently 7 terminals although I typically only use kodi on 4 of them.


Emby Server is 3.0.5934.0,    Kodi is 16.1,    Emby kodi addon is 2.2.10 (pretty sure I’ve tried stable and beta)



Any feedback or suggestions would be great.





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I think Kodi by itself would not mark those strm files as watched either.


The reason is due to Emby not knowing the runtime of the file, and Emby for Kodi not being able to get the current position of the file playing since it's a strm.


I have strm files that are netflix related, and I always had to mark them as watched.


To confirm, you could always post your Kodi log after repeating the outcome to see if it's something along these lines that is happening... I haven't used my strm file in almost a year so.



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Hi Angelblue, Thanks for the reply


I can confirm that:

-Kodi by itself does auto update the watch status when show is finished.

-Kodi used with mysql also properly changed the watched status


If I open the video add-on channel and find the episode I just watched from the Emby library it is properly marked as watched, but not marked as watched in Emby library or Emby Server.


I've attached the Kodi log, Hopefully it will help.





kodi Emby auto watch status not working.log

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Sorry for the first log. This one is hopefully correct.



-Started Kodi

-Open Emby library from main page

-Selected show, episode 1. play

-Let show run until it was finished

-Exited Kodi


Episode 1 remained "unwatched" in Emby library and Emby Server


Episode 1 was marked as "watched" in video addon itself.


Thanks again for looking at this.




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20:40:21 T:14840  NOTICE: EMBY KodiMonitor -> Method: Player.OnPlay Data: {"item":{"title":"Dawn of The Croods S01E01","type":"movie"},"player":{"playerid":-1,"speed":1}}
20:40:21 T:14840  NOTICE: EMBY KodiMonitor -> Item is invalid for playstate update.
20:40:25 T:14840  NOTICE: EMBY Player -> Could not find itemId, cancelling playback report...

When playback starts, it's being reported as this... that's why it's not working. We do not monitor the item because we don't know what is the emby item playing (it's the other add-on starting stream). I don't know if there's a way to work around this, but I'll keep it in mind and try to think of something.

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.strm files are handled kinda like playlists in kodi & kodi does not support marking them as watched. Some addons that use .strm files can mark them as watched IF they are called from the addon itself & use specific types of .strms.



The easiest, most compatible, way to add this function to Emby for Kodi would be for Emby for Kodi to detect the .strm & mark it as watched when started.



I used this workaround for using Flix2Kodi .strms by modifying the chromium.sh script that Chrome Launcher uses to Launch Netflix in Chromium by adding /usr/bin/kodi-send -a "Action(ToggleWatched)" on line 3.

for i in $@; do :; done
/usr/bin/kodi-send -a "Action(ToggleWatched)"
x="$i --kiosk"
/usr/bin/kodi-send -a "RunAddon(browser.chromium, $x)" &
exit 0

Flix2Kodi is a good example of how difficult it would be to use the watched % to toggle watch status because after the video is done, since it's using a browser as it's player, the end of the play time is only when you press stop/close the browser since it will sit there indefinitely at the Netflix website until you do.



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