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Need Help with Scheduling & Organizing Recorded TV Series


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I've added a zipped log file that I believe contains relevant information to the problem.




I am using my HDHomerun Prime tuners to record TV shows. I tried the work-in-progress HDHomerun DVR but was not happy with it, so I'm continuing to schedule and record shows using the Emby Guide and built-in recording capabilities.


I'm using Windows 10 and all my media files and artwork are stored on a large external drive (local – not NAS). I have created a folder (Named HDHomerunDVR) on the drive and set it up in the Emby Server Library as the root folder for my scheduled recorded TV content. Normally, this works as expected, especially when recording a single TV show.


However, sometimes – (frequently) when I set up a TV series to record new episodes, Emby creates a path K:\HDHomerunDVR\Series\Within that path, it adds show named "Batman: The Animated Series," and then adds another folder with the correct name for the show I'm recording.


In the attached image, the actual show I recorded is Limitless, and it obviously has absolutely nothing to do with Batman: The Animated Series. (I have no interest in an animated Batman series and have no idea why this is happening.) In addition to placing the show in this Series path on the hard drive, Emby is also putting another copy of the show in the expected location, which is K:\HDHomerunDVR\Limitless. All of the correct metadata is in the folder, together with the mp4 recording of the show.


So... I end up with the recorded show that I wanted. However, when I look for it on Emby Server, things get confusing. The correct thumbnail for the show appears under the Latest tab, but  show also appears as a thumbnail with the mysterious Batman folder artwork. I can manually verify that there are indeed two copies of the recorded show, delete the unwanted copy from the Batman folder, delete the Series folder, rescan my media library, and the problem is TEMPORARILY fixed. However, having to do this manually almost every day is a little much. I haven't included any log files as yet. I have no idea where to look in the logs for this particular problem because the actual recording process is completing normally.


Any help with getting rid of this annoyance would be appreciated.



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