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Metadata management for TV Bluray Specials

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Hi guys,

I have quite a Bluray Collection, both movies and TV shows. When I rip my blurays, I like to keep every little extras present to have them accessible in emby. (btw, my english may be a little weird, sorry, it's not my first language)

For movies, everything is quite simple, you put them in the "extra" folder and voilà everything is at the right place.

TV shows have little more complexe extras (or specials).
You have episode extras, like deleted scenes, reminders, promos, episode specific making of, etc.
You have season extras, like special episodes, making of, gag reel, comic-con events, etc.
You have serie extras, a bit more rare, but some additionnal extras present on complete show boxes.

When a TV show as specials episode present in TVDB or other DB, you can use the episode code S00EXX to make it fetch and synch infos about that extras.

However, alot of (I'd even say most of) the bluray extras are not included in TVDB so you have to edit the metadata by hand to make them appear at the right place in the different client interfaces. You must edit the "airs before season", "airs after season" and "airs before episode" fields and save each metadata one by one.

I was wondering if people have beter/faster/more automated way to do this?

Is there something like a REST interface to modify metadata?
Can you modify .nfo localy on your file system and propagate to emby these changes?

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Hi, yes that's how you do it. You can do it quickly using the metadata manager tool. Yes you can also update the nfo's directly.

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