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Option for seek bar to disappear more quickly

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My wife watches a lot of subbed content, often the subs have typos and need correction - so she pauses playback to write down the time position and text correction so she can edit the .srt file later.


Currently we're using MPC-HC as an external player in EMC - which makes this task easy. 


But, in ET - pressing pause brings up the overlay partially obscuring the subs - this only requires a short wait for overlay to drop down. BUT, when resuming playback the bar pops up again making it difficult to read the following subs for about five seconds.


It would be great if there was a way to get that overlay to drop down much more quickly - or prevent it from appearing entirely on pause. She'd still need to pull it up manually (via up arrow) whilst paused to see the time position.

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Guest asrequested

This would be a good option even if you aren't correcting the subs. If you are watching a subbed movie and had to pause, on resuming you'd still have to go back a little, to make sure you weren't missing something. I've had to do that a few times, which is a pain, because I use a mouse and you can't skip back just a few seconds. This is also something I'd like. To be able to use the mouse and click anywhere on the progress bar and jump to that exact point.

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Maybe make it so when CC option is enabled the seek bar shows on top of the screen or is a different bar entirely like a super minimalist thin one at the very bottom without all the art and background.


Or have subtitles jump up and follow the bar above it.

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The right answer is "back" should dismiss it whenever it is on screen.


Well, "back" always just exits from playback in ET. But, if it's doable then I'd accept it.


But, I think up/down would be good idea as you can use up/down to display the OSD and just tapping the same button again could dismiss it when you're done.

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