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Buffering video on Mac Mini late 2010 edition


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Hi - i recently tried Emby for the first time and i want to love it so much. I love the open source development, i love the Apple TV app, i love the Metadata and the way it is presented.

One problem is the incredibly frustrating loading/buffering time on the server.


I have a Late 2010 Mac Mini running Yosemite, Dual Core 2.4Ghz with 8GB of Ram. The videos are 12-13GB mkv files and are stored on a QNAP NAS which is networked to the server and my TV via Cat 6 cable.


Plex runs as smooth as silk. A minimum buffer time of a few seconds and it just plays. FF and RW are possible.

Emby on the other hand, is extremely frustrating. The files can buffer for a minute or more before they start. They often stop during playback to re-buffer and you can forget FF and RW - the 1-2 minute buffering starts again.

My Mac Mini is not doing anything except acting as a server for my media files.


Please let me love Emby and advise what could be causing this?

I tried to set the playback to 40 mb/s and also unchecked the box to disable throttling during transcoding. Neither of these did anything.

My wife is going crazy with all my tinkering - she just wants a smooth, seamless experience with one package, and at this time we have to choose plex if we cannot get around the buffering issues.

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I've posted the mac version of the new release a little early so that new users can start getting it now. You can grab it from the website if you'd like to try it:




The release is not up on the blog yet but you can read the changelist from the latest beta:




Lots of performance improvements, bug fixes, and a few new features. Enjoy.

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