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I followed same directions, https://mydomain.name.me:8921 working perfectly on my local network even on my mobile's and tablets, but without my home WiFi, getting error "This site can"t be reached" even I disabled synology firewall also I forward ports 8920,8921 on my router, nothing...please help

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yes, http:// 


Hi there, are you able to connect remotely over http?



I just figured it out, and its working perfectly fine over secure connections (https)..Thank you so much.

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Hi, can somebody please point on what I am doing wrong here. Attached pls find prtscr of all places I figure needs to be changed for a reverse proxy to work. i am new to all this and my trial and error method don't work:

1. I have my Emby server on Synology NAS (obviously)

2. I have my ports forwarded in my router (probably badly)

3. I use my own "mydomain.pl" for people to connect from outside my LAN and default port is unsecured 80 (so when somebody just type"mydomain.pl" in the browser it directs him to emby login page but on unsecured port with a red warning in chrome - I would like to automatically connect via secured port (443 or 8921?)

4. If I add my "mydomain.pl" Claudfare will this do the trick without any reverse proxy or port forwarding?

Of course I could have mixed up all the settings and concepts since I don't know what I'm doing.

Any help appreciated.






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Did you configure the certificate? @@FrostByte have you done this?



No, sorry I don't have any need for an external connection at this time.

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Hello @@cochize1


Before we try further to help you set it all up, could you give a bit more information ?

  1. what ports have you redirected from your router to your NAS ?
  2. do you have an SSL certificate ? is it a let's encrypt certificate managed by DSM ?
  3. what port do you want to expose on the Internet for Emby ?
  4. is your NAS supposed to be accessible from the Internet ? does that work ? which port and protocol ?


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Outstanding, works great! Great solution without further maintenance.

Good to mention...
The path to the DSM settings is:
-> Control Panel
-> Login Portal
-> Advanced
-> Reverse Proxy -> Create

Don't forget port forwarding for the source (e.g. 8921) on router!

Thanks a lot newb


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