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Hey guys,


I'm wondering if you know a way to automate with lets say Task Scheduler a task which would do the following:

- find all .srt files, set character from iso-8859-1 to iso-8859-2 and then convert and save them to UTF-8?


I tried and adapted this script by miquelx,

but I get "sh: line 7: inotifywait: command not found"

# Srt Encoder
ICONV="iconv -f $FROM -t $TO"

inotifywait -m --format '%w%f' -e create -e moved_to -e modify -r $WATCH_PATH |
	while read file; do
		if [ $EXT = "srt" ]
			IS_TARGET=`file "${file}" | grep -i iso-8859`
			if [ "$IS_TARGET" != "" ]; then
				echo "${file} ---- Will be converted!"
				cp "${file}" "${file}.bak"
				$ICONV < "${file}.bak" > "${file}"

Any help?

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