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Can't get emby to start on DSM6


Go to solution Solved by Luke,

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Using a 1515+


Followed this





Package center-->Settings-->General       choose-Trust Level any publisher

Package center-->Settings-->Beta             choose-Yes, I want to see beta version!

Add http://packages.synocommunity.com/ and http://cytec.us/spk/ to Package center -->Package Source


Check the what CPU/architecture you have in your synology https://github.com/S...r-Synology-mode so you can use the right Package for your base install.(#Shell command uname -a)



  1. Install Mono from Package center --> Community Tab
  2. Install Mediainfo from Package center --> Community Tab
  3. Install ImageMagick from Package center --> Community Tab
  4. Download and Install ffmpeg from here: http://cytec.us/syno/test-spk/ffmpeg/
  5. Download and Install emby from here: http://cytec.us/syno/test-spk/emby/



1. Download Emby.Mono.zip from here: https://github.com/M...releases/latest

2. Extract the zip file into a folder

2. Download and install winSCP http://winscp.net/eng/download.php login as root to synology

2.1 Log-in with putty with any admin account,

2.2 Type: sudo su -
2.3 Enter your admin password.
2.4 Goto the sudoers file (/etc/sudoers), and open this file in a editor (vi or nano but i prefer to use Midknight Commander), add at the end the following lineUSER ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL change USER by your admin username.
2.5 Open winSCP and goto advanced at your loginaccount, choose at the SCP SHELL option. sudo su (... so now you you can use winSCP as ROOT)

3. Make sure the Emby service is stopped

4. Copy the contents of the zip file into /volume1/@appstore/emby/share/emby (or wherever it has been installed, the contents of the zip should look like the contents of the folder you are copying into)


5. Start Emby


With no luck. Before the update, server appeared to work. With the update here, the server won't start. 

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There used to be similar problems with other packages after updating to DSM6. For TTRSS e.g. where it was due to the modularization of the packages in DSM (PHP in this case). Are there similar dependencies for Emby?

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I don't really understand the variables to be honest. 


Version 3.0.5607.2 seems to work just fine, I just can't update it. 

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it's due to the synocommunioty version of mono.

you can check the last subjects of this forum for an answer

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  • Solution

We have a new installation procedure for Synology users. It's very easy and is now on our website:




All Synology users are recommended to use this going forward (if your model supports it).

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