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Emby eats memory on server and CPU on client


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Now, when Emby runs, Mono eats almost 2Gb of my server memory?!?  And the responsiveness of Emby is not good...


Take a look at this:




Initially, everything is calm, CPU activity is low. Then I click on the matrix icon to choose a different view (the first peak). I select Poster Card View and all hell breaks loose! Mono eats all available memory in my server, and my browser loops into some cycles that makes my client PC (Windows 10) use more 60% CPU just waiting for the server!!

Is the Emby front end coded in JSON or Java Script?  What on earth is the browser doing?  There should be no need for the browser to do anything while waiting for the server to finish!?


Guess how long time Emby used before finally managing to refresh the screen in the new Poster card view?  98 seconds!!!  That’s almost two minutes!! 

Is it the .NET library that should be blamed?


I did the same test using the same library running on the same server (QNAP HS-251+ with 2Gb RAM and 4TB RAID0 6Mb/s HDD) first with Kodi that used 38 seconds to switch from Album view to Artist view – also fairly poor but not nearly as bad as Emby. Then I did the test with Logitech Media Server 7.9 who used 6 seconds to switch from artist view to album view. That’s actually quite good. But LMS has been abandoned by Logitech and is now without support and no further development, so I’m looking for a replacement. Emby was recommended to me a week ago. I'm now close to give up.


I still hope that this is because I'm doing something wrong with the Emby/Mono combo?

Surely, developers must have tested the scalability of Emby?


Please persuade me to stay a while longer.... :-)

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