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Auto-Organise - Manual Override not working


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Hi Guys, 


For the last few days the manual override feature in auto-organise seems to have stopped working for me.

I can go into it and select the show, the season and episode number, but when I click OK nothing happens.

The screen doesn't close, the episode doesn't get sorted.

The button just lights up as if it's been clicked, but then goes back to green again.


I couldn't find any other topics about this, but I'm sorry if this has been already reported.

Love the product guys.




Server Version 3.0.5895.0

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The above description is pretty good. I have a series "DC's Legends of Tomorrow, that is just set to Legends of Tomorrow in my library so it will not auto organize.

1. I click the red folder and get the Organize File screen.

2. I select "Legends of Tomorrow" from the drop down. Season Number and Episode Number are correct.

3. I click the big blue OK button. It lights up like it clicked but the screen stays the same. I can keep clicking the button but nothing ever happens.


No error message. Nothing is being printed to the server log.


I have tried it with and without the "Save and apply this correction to future files with similar names" option checked with the same results. 


It worked fine before my upgrade to 3.0.5882.0 today.


I'll be happy to do any other troubleshooting for you.



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I went ahead and manually added the show I was having issues with to the autoorganize.xml file based on the example you had in another thead with the smart match. It picked up the show and automatically organized it.

Thanks for the great work on this. It is going to be even better when it is fully incorporated in.

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