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Internal(default) subtitle shows with external subtitle at the sametime


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I'm using Windows Emby server 3.0.5878.0 and latest Android App (2.5.85).


I set Subtitle settings in App - Setting - Playback - Language Preferences as follows:

- Audio/Suibtitle language: Korean

- Subtitle mode: Smart or Default


It works very well when I play video with external subtitle only (.srt),

but when I play video with internal subtitle(ass, eng, default) and external one (.kor.srt), they are showed simultaneously.


It is needed to select 'None' then select appropriate subtitle (external) again to correct this issue.

It's fine when I start with 'None' then select appropriate subtitle.



- External subtitle / internal(default) subtitle show at the same time when external subtitle loaded by Setting.

- To eliminate this issue temporaly, it is needed to toggle from subtitle off. 


It looks like default subtitle shows whatever it is selected or not.

Could you consider turn off default subtitle by default when it is not matched with language preference?




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Thank you! I'll try that.


Thanks. The fix should be on the open beta already now. Please let me know how it goes.

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