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emby Windows Server/Chromecast


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I have not been able to cast my emby server to my Chromecast anymore. I have already reinstalled the server. I have gone through all the settings. 


The Ready to cast screen shows on my TV, but when I try to cast a movie, or tv show, nothing happens. 


Everything plays fine on my PC. I also tried Plex to see if it was my chromecast issue. But I'm able to cast Plex, Youtube. (I hate Plex btw)


I hope I uploaded the correct log. 


It was working fine a few weeks ago, but it's been about 2 weeks since I have been able to connect and play through my Chromecast. 


My source on my TV does show the Emby Server too, but when I go to it, it shows no content found. 




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Hi, your device is able to connect to the chromecast just fine. the issue is that the chromecast is then unable to reach your emby server. how are you using the web client? what address are you entering into the browser?

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on the front page of the server dashboard your local address is displayed. is this correct? that is the address the chromecast will try to use to connect to your emby server.

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Hi, can you do a test by trying to connect to the web interface on a smart phone or tablet? (or another computer). I think what is happening is the traffic is just not reaching emby server, possibly due to a firewall or security software. thanks.

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