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Scheduled Series Recording (Daily)


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(Version 3.0.5821.0)


I scheduled a series recording for "General Hospital" for every weekday, only new episodes, any time. However, when i look in the scheduled recording tab, it only displays scheduling recordings for the next 7 instances. It just stops there even through there is guide data for 14 days out and I verified they are all new episodes.


Log attached.


Minor visual issue as well. When i choose record on a show and the "pop-up" windows comes up i loose the ability to scroll up/down and have to tab down to get tall the options (tested in IE and Chrome)



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What I did was when I initially scheduled the series last week it only went to this Thursday which I bought was odd, but I left it thinking exactly like you said that maybe it just didn't have the data yet.


But when I checked today it had nothing scheduled for Friday (I dont know what trigger Emby to check ahead for more shows).


So I removed the series recording tonight and rescheduled the series. Now hey show up for the next 7 instances again.


So I don't think it's the data, unless Emby isn't looking for refreshed/new data nightly maybe?

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