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Recorded TV from Live TV - Set maximum folder size?


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I've searched through the forum and on the server high & low trying to find an option to set the maximum size of the folder where the Recorded TV is stored.  This was a great option on WMC because I could set the maximum folder size to 500gb on a 1TB drive, and still use the remaining 500gb for other files.


I'm sure that I'm just missing where I can set this option in Emby.  Can someone let me know is setting the maximum folder size is possible in Emby Live TV?



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we don't currently have this but I think it's a very good idea. so basically you would want scheduled recordings to be skipped if the folder is over a certain size?

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Hello Luke.  Yep, that's what I was looking for.


It would be nice to have several options (similar to WMC) if the recording folder reaches a certain size:  For example:

1) Delete oldest recordings to make room for new recordings

2) Do not record new recordings if maximum folder size is reached

3) Keep recordings marked as 'save', to preserved them from being deleted, even if 1) above was true.


I'm happy to submit the suggestion if there's a place I can post this.



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