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issue with path substitute


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Team I have an issue.

I'm testing emby with Kodi, direct folder access.


On the qnap all files are in the library with the usual:​



I have mapped it to a disk v:\


In Path Substitute I put in the first line the path of the QNAP and in the second the v:\ but when I press + nothing happens :(

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I can help you but not sure what you are doing. A little better explanation would be grateful. 


Are you using emby on the qnap itself or are you using it in windows?


If you have it installed on the qnap itself, your path substitutions should be like this 


folder: /share/MD0_DATA/Multimedia/Videos

path subtitution: //servername/Multimedia/Videos     


if mapped to a windows computer as a shared with the network drive being v:\


folder: v:\Videos

path subtitution: //servername/Multimedia/Videos    


These are just examples to give you an idea

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Yes there is a bug.


Using Edge on W10 64bit.


Server is on QNAP intel - latest firmware


Attached the video to show the issue.

and the log


Note after a full reset of the QNAP the initial path substitution appeared. The issue is that I added three in one time and only one appeared (the one you see in the video).

I've checked the xml files and there is only one :(

Microsoft Edge 20-Jan-16 19_45_35.zip


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Additional info: I just checked the system.xml file after my test and here is what I found:


So the test substitute was captured and written but NOT shown

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