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GB Utah

Xbox One raw MKV from DVD

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GB Utah

I apparently had addressed this locally on some/most of my devices in the past. However, we received an Xbox One for Christmas and have been playing with that quite a bit. It was great to see out of the box 80% direct play for our library on the Xbox One. Then I ran across the following:


No direct play profiles found for Path:...mkv


It turns out the something like the following needed to be added to our DLNA profile for the Xbox One:


<DirectPlayProfile container="mkv" audioCodec="ac3,aac" videoCodec="mpeg2video" type="Video" />


The current system DLNA system profile for the Xbox One contains:


 <DirectPlayProfile container="mp4,mov,mkv" audioCodec="aac,ac3" videoCodec="h264,mpeg4" type="Video" />


This can be handled in a number of ways. The important thing for our case was to ensure mpeg2video codec, which was coming from our raw MKV from DVD, was listed as a valid video codec for direct play with the mkv container.


I essentially changed the above to :


 <DirectPlayProfile container="mp4,mov,mkv" audioCodec="aac,ac3" videoCodec="h264,mpeg4,mpeg2video" type="Video" />


and now our raw dvd/mkv rips play back via Xbox One media player just fine.


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Well done!

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