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EHS Tile Design

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* Modified and Updated version in post #4 *


'Ello folks.


I have been away from the HTPC scene for awhile. Got my system up and running and it was fine until about 2 weeks ago my MB decided to up and die on me. :angry:  Well, finally got everything back into the land of the living and when I went to reinstall MB, found MB3!  What an amazing new design. I started to play with the EHS and tiles, and decided to make some new custom tiles for my selections. I have been using the cover art plugin forever, and always loved the plastic case overlays. With keeping that style, I thought about making my selection tiles on the ehs match.


I would love some feedback on these. Thanks


(The images are 1200x700) which takes up the entire tile.








* Thanks to fandvd over at deviantART for the original case design that i modified

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Looks great! I am going to use them!!


As I tweak and finish them up, I will post up the .PSDs and font used (Its call oasis, which is the original CD/DVD lettered font).

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After using the first set, something about them bothered me. So here is rev3. More "visual" though less distracting. Anyone have an opinion on these?


I opted to make a muted background... (still working on what colors to use) and one silhouetted image that represents that topic...



anime3.png anime_tv3.png document3.png

movie3.png music3.png tv_shows3.png

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I have Started on the What I think is going to be my final style. Before I start making them in bulk and putting a collection together for anyone who is interested, any thoughts on this these?



These are for my "Categories" as I have them on my MC


3dmovie3.png anime3.png anime_tv3.png

document3.png movie3.png music3.png




These are going to be the ones I use when storing by Genre


action.png fantasy.png horror.png


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Sorry for lack of updates, I was away for the Holiday, and then got sick as a dog. :wacko:   I am going to finish up the genre ones and get them posted up. If anyone has any requests for ones they would like to see/use/etc please let me know.


I am working on ones for






(I use the MB3 plugin to simplify my list, otherwise it gets out of hand...)

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Here are the 3; I had some issues coming up with an "effect" for comedy / family. I ended up writing in the words for "Who's on First" for comedy, and family I settled on fireworks... kinda "blah" on that... will see if I come up with something better in time.... Drama I added some fire scorching so it gave it that "Burning away" look.



comedy3.png drama.png family.png

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