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Emby Live TV, can files be smaller?


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I'm using an hd homerun with emby live TV interface to capture some local talk shows my wife likes to watch. The only issue I am having is that they are large files of 4gb or more each for an hour episode.


It's filling up my hard drive fast, just four episodes of the chew is 18gb total.


Is there any way to compress these files a little smaller at the source or will I need to use third party software? I am experimenting with handbrake right now but it looks like it can only do one file at a time and takes a few hours each file.


Is there something that is a little quicker and can be done in a batch process?


If I can't figure out a painless way to do this I may just tell her to keep using the tablo for those shows. it's juts nice to have them all in one location to find them.


Thanks again



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