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Emby DVR file playback quality


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So I have been trying to get the best DVR/Live TV solution using Emby and HD Homerun. The improvements and updates have been awesome. So thank you for that. 


My current workflow is this:


HDHomrun Prime > Server hosting Emby > Client (Windows 10)

This works great for live tv, de-interlacing, all the good stuff.


However once I playback DVR recordings in Emby I have interlacing issue. My DVR workflow is as follows:


HDHomrrun Prime > Emby > MCE Buddy > Comskip > merge commercial removed files to .ts file with no re-coding.


Then playback the recording on Emby via the Library.


This allows for commercial removal and quick turn around. However the playback in Windows 10 client is showing an interlacing issue.


The mediainfo report is showing scan type as interlaced but Emby does not de-interlace.

So all 1080i footage looks bad, however livetv version of the same channel looks good.

720p looks good all around.


This is the same with just standard Emby recorded files without using MCE Buddy.


When I put the .ts files in Plex (sorry didnt want to say it), they playback just fine.


Is it possible that Emby is not detecting the interlacing? Or that the Win 10 client is not respecting it?


Let me know you have any questions. Again thank you.


O, I also made custom icons for all channels so it looks cleaner on the interface. They are attached, if you want em.


Thanks again, your work is top notch. So happy I can get rid of WMC.


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