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BUG: Italic Subtitles appear small


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Just watching a movie with subtitles on and noticed that every now and then I'd get a mix of small text with the normal size text.


When I checked the srt file, the text in question had italic tags.




01:34:33,502 --> 01:34:35,378
<i>But when your mother
ran away with the Cup...</i>

So it appears that italic text subtitles get displayed smaller than non-italic subtitles.


Perhaps someone else can confirm.



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I just changed every other line in one of my foreign language movies to italics (make your eyes go buggy after awhile) and they are italics and definately a lot smaller.  Something like 10 pixels high.  Also, the settings for font size seem to have no effect on the size of italics subtitles.


Edit: or they are so small I can't tell the difference between 50px and 70 px settings :)

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