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Nvidia Shield Android TV - Video Playback - Screen-Hopping


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Hi at Emby,

first of all, great product, very happy with it. And it gets better from release to release


I have  the following problem. 

I am recording Star Trek Next generation. 

A tv show that is aired at 4:3 not 16:9


Format is .ts


Some of the videos are ok. When I start Some of them from the beginning they are flickering and stretch and squeeze very quickly. It seems that emby tries to stretch them to 16:9 and quickly falls back to 4:3.


Wenn I pause them a use the chapter navigation everything works fine.


Any Idea?




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This is a problem with some SD Live TV content and the VLC player we use.  As you found, if you can force the player to re-evaluate the stream after playback, it tends to fix it.


Hopefully, this will get resolved with a future update to the player library.

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