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Windows Phone 10 emby app - can't swipe off WP on screen buttons...


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I just purchased the Windows Phone emby app (great work by the way) and noticed a thing that is just a little annoying...


The back, home and search "on screen" buttons can't be swiped off the screen... which makes watching videos really uncomfortable. :(


Here's a screenshot of the problem.




I know that not every app offers this possibility -which might be quite new considering the recent disappearance of the hardware buttons- but it's a really nice feature when it comes to video playback :)


Details :

Lumia 950 W10 version 10.0.10586.63

Emby App version

Emby Server version 3.0.5724.6


Hoping to see this coming in a future update... Thanks !

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It's because it's a Silverlight app written for 8.1.  Unfortunately, in W10M you can't hide the nav bar in apps written that way.  The app would have to be redone pretty much entirely to do so.  Though personally, I hope that's happening anyway (for Continuum support mostly).  For now, I find that I prefer the web client through Edge anyway, myself.


Edit:  Though as I say that now, I seem to be unable to get playback to work on the phone, though it worked on the external Continuum screen when I tested it just a few weeks ago.  Edge is weird that way I guess. :D

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