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Breeze v1.0.2.3 is now live


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Minor release, few visual tweaks:


  • Improved size/width of ClearLOGO and title on Coverflow, Thumb and Movie Details page
  • Improved vertical position of side panel on Coverflflow
  • Added optional setting for EHS Recently Added tile to include played items (default is to show played items, as currently)
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Hello very nice theme, and definitely the quickest.


I've got a few remarks.

On the screen shot here after:


  • top left: when we enter the list of recent tv shows as a list, there probably a translation missing, or something as you can see
  • Is it possible to slightly adjust the position of this text to the right so that it doesn't get overdisplayed by the Media Center icon and the left arrow ?
  • top right: i've activated the option to move the tol right icons a little bit to the left, but it doesn't seem to work here
  • Bottom: would it be possible to have the details list of the movie / tvshow slighlt adjust to the left so that the Media Center buttons do not overdisplay them ? By the way, in the case where we enter an episode detail view, those icons are completely at the bottom right of the picture, behind the Media Center ones



On the following screenshot:

  • there is something weird, only for TV shows: when i put the mouse on an item on the main screen, since the episode tile doesn't have the good dimension, it gets totaly white at the left and at the right of the tile:
  • In the settings i've selected the option "Added optional setting for EHS Recently Added tile to include played items (default is to show played items, as currently)". Hence it would be good to add the word "unplayed" on the main screen to get something like "recently added unplayed".



In the next screenshot, there is no difference at all between an episode which i've seen, and an episode which isn't aired yet. Could it be possible to have a different icon showing it ?

i'm also showing the problem i wrote here before at the bottom right corner of the picture.





Thanks for everything

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