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Metro Style Icons 52a9c9e951aac_GoogleDriveicon.png

Those Icons are fully made by me, I used the original color gradients from Microsoft.

MyMovie based Icons, matching the Colorized Un8y Themes 52a9c9e951aac_GoogleDriveicon.png

The Blue version of the Movie Icons are a rip from MyMovies so the credits go to the original Creator!!
What I did was only Re-Colorize them so the match the colorized Un8y Themes, nothing more nothing less :-)

The game Icons are made ​​by me. I tried to make them. Similar as possible.
That said...... I ask you now to help me making the Game Icons more Similar.

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Un8y based themes: Midnight52a9c9e951aac_GoogleDriveicon.png /  Morning52a9c9e951aac_GoogleDriveicon.png / Alternative Icons52a9c9e951aac_GoogleDriveicon.png
Those themes are a copy from Keef's Un8y with a few extra Menu Pictures from Lee so all the credits go to those two Creators!!
What I did was only Re Colorize them so they match some MB Themes/Skins, nothing more nothing less :-)
Installation Instructions on Keef's Post
Soon I will post here Colorized skins for Crystal, ROC, and maybe more

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Completed requests are placed here

Requests and/or improvements are welcome, but it may take some time before I respond. I hope for your understanding and patience.


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Is there any chance to download the themes Midnight and Morning ?

The links above seems to be brocken and I didn't found any alternative download location by using google.


I'm really a fan of Un8y and the midnight version seems to be an interest variation.


Many thanks from a very late fan,


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