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i was thing of submitting this for a while i love to see a way of keeping and eye out for movies and shows you like to record even if you didnt add it from the guide like if i want to watch mr deeds i could go to imdb.com and look up the id and input it in the watchout list and i could load the info for it like the name rating by witch i mean pg-13 and the description of mr deeds that way when it see some with a title kinda like what i input it looks up the data on the title that way if i missed typed anything like i want mr deeds but put mr deed it would look at the description if it matchs i will auto set to record this could come in handy for when its not in guide data so if i wanted to record soming thats not on tv very much i dont have to keep watching for it so if it see "X" a year from now it will now i like to see it and it records it for me just a little bit of a ai to it also like to see a opeton to record shows in the tv shows folder that way if its not in guide data for weeks to come it will still be recorded that way i donty have to keep a eye out


i was thinking you could name it something cute and funny here what i come up with

name - tag line

eyeout - we keep and eye out for you

emby watch - we watch for you

watch out list - you name it we find it

lazy list - we look for you


anyway love your software hope you add my idea cant wait to see what you guys do in 2016 cause what you did this years is awesome

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