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FR: Only Sync Unlike Files


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It would be very nice to have the ability in the Sync functionality to have an option to be able to only re-encode those media files which do not meet the specific sync "Profile".


An example of this would be a scenario I am having where I am syncing all my movies to an external HDD which I take with me on travel and then play through a chromecast. With Sync currently it will go ahead and sync the entire movies folder re-encoding every media file and putting them on the external HDD. While that is all good and well it is a huge waste of processing power to re-encode all of those movies.


What I ideally would like to see is an option that if selected will check the "Profile" of the media and if it matches the sync profile (regardless of sync quality setting) it will just copy that media file over and not do any converting.


This would save countless hours of unneeded processing due to that I have mostly MP4 files which would play on the chromecast fine without conversion but I also have some MKVs which will not and I only need those to be re-encoded to the sync profile.

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