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How to get Reliable EMBY TV


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I so like the look of EMBY TV but I just cannot find any way to make it function in a stable manner.


I have trouble getting a complete guide despite using schedules direct.  Frequently I get no guide at all or the guide page doesn't fill out with anything.  I long since gave up trying to record anything and infact almost never try this on Amazon fire anymore as it always disappoints.


Looking here though there are a lot of people that seem to have good experience of getting there.  I have decided to give it one more go and wondered if anyone has tips for making it work.


I have an HDHomerun dedicated to Emby.  Emby is running on a quad core i7 box with 8GB of memory, based off of a SSD harddrive.  I have a subscription to Schedules direct.


The only wrinkle in this at all is I have  NPVR running on the same box, however that is using a dedicated TV card and not the HDHomerun so I don't see why that should clash.  


Many thanks for any suggestions you can give me. 

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