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How does liveTV work?


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Am I right in thinking the Live TV in the Android/FireTV apps would be streamed via the server?


At the moment I have kodi on my fireTV stick, it connects to Emby via the plugin for content off my emby server and then directly to tv headend for live stuff.


I know Emby supports liveTV stuff but I've never tried it because the servers remote, presumably if I tried via emby it would be Tv headend > Emby server > Client? 

This would essentially mean I'd be uploading the stream across the internet just to pull it back again, not sure if that would work very well (Have about 15-20Mbit/s of upload)



Also wondering if it's worth swapping my fireTV and fireTV stick around so that I use the more powerful fireTV for emby (I don't bother at the moment as the Sat box (WeTek play) is on the same TV as the fireTV so I just use the kodi emby plugin on the sat box)

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Are you saying that your Live TV implementation/hardware is not on the same network as your Emby Server?


Correct, my Emby server is a VM on a co-located server sitting in a datacentre.


My Satellite box at home is a Wetek play running OpenElec and Tv headend. (http://wetek.com/product/wetek-play).

I have it setup to stream content From emby but I never bothered setting up live TV in emby itself.

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Fine other than DLNA doesn't work as not on the same LAN, I could probably proxy it via the VPN I have in place, but I haven't bothered as I just use Kodi or the Apps.


That said I have ~70-80Mbit/s of downstream bandwidth at home, hopefully increasing later this week (Upgrading my backup line to VDSL and going to attempt to bond them)

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