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Remote control Stop button doesn't work when EmbyTheater launched from Windows Media Center


Go to solution Solved by Luke,

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OS = Windows 7

Relavent Applications = Windows Media Center, Media Center Studio, Emby Theater (v3.0.5744.24672)

Remote Control - Rosewill (but this occurs when using the original microsoft windows media center remote)



1. Configure Media Center Studio to launch Emby Theater as an Entry Point

2. Launch Windows Media Center

3. select Emby Theater and click

4. In Emby Theater, begin watching a movie

5. attempt to stop the movie by pressing the Stop button on the remote control


expected - movie stops

actual - no action taken


Additional notes:

1. This same functionality works as expected when launching Media Browser Classic via Windows Media Center

2. At some point in a very early version of Media Browser Theater this worked as expected

3. using the mouse to click the stop button in the UI works as expected.

4. If I close Windows Media Center while Emby Theater is running, the stop button begins working again in Emby Theater


Logs - Nothing appears to be logged

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Almost positive there will be nothing we can do about this.  More than likely, WMC is trapping the button and swallowing it.

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Yea it might have worked before because I think we were using a global event hook to capture it. A lot of users complained about that saying it was interfering with other programs, so now we only listen for events on the MBT window. In this case, the command never makes it to the window because Windows Media Center has it's own global event hook that catches it and traps it.

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That's what I figured.  Thanks for the quick response.  I went ahead and created a simple script to kill media center when it launches Emby Theater, works good enough. 


Thanks again everything Emby Rocks!

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