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Localised metadata for Apple Trailers


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Trailers plugin plugin has some strange behavior:

1. First, gets list and loads all the metadata from the Apple Trailers;
2. Then, download a piece of metadata from TMDb, sometimes erasing data such as the cast and crew (because these data is not yet filled on TMDb) etc;
3. And never loads the localized images (poster, logo, etc.)
About #3 is clear: the picture already exists and MBS will not rewrite it.
Would like to see a change in behavior
1. Getting list of trailers from Apple Trailers;
2. Find and download all metadata from TMDb;
3. If the item isn't on TMDb, then download missing metadata from Apple Trailers.


Thus will not be a double-downloading metadata (saving time) there and we will have the needed localized logo, posters, etc.

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