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Live tv with Simple.tv device


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I can get a hold of Simple.tv network tuner relatively cheap online.  I believe the tuner is made for Simple.tv by SiliconDust.  Does anyone know if the Simple.tv tuner will work with the built in live tv (not using a plugin) with Emby? It seems to me it might if it is indeed manufactured by SiliconDust for Simple.tv


The reason I ask is it would save having to pay the $60 a year to get the Simple.tv guide as I already have a Schedules Direct account.




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I would steer clear of trying to do that.  Even though SD manufactured the SimpleTV - it's firmware is likely different and probably won't work out of the box.  


If really want to use EmbyTV I would spend a little extra and get a new CONNECT.  You can get them for like $80US now.

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