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Question regarding recording resolution for HDhomerun


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First off, thanks for an AMAZING and comprehensive solution that just keeps getting better and better!  I just snagged an HDhomerun on sale and got it hooked into the network, grabbed a schedules direct subscription, and it has simplified everything substantially!  I got rid of quite a few batch jobs and other software I no longer needed.


I have a question though on the recording resolution.  How does emby determine what resolution to pass into ffmpeg for recording when recording from an antenna stream?  I know the FOX and ABC transmit at 720p and CBS/NBC transmit at 1080i so I'm assuming it's by detection of the stream or metadata it's getting from the schedules direct backend.  Is there a way to try and force it to record at a 1080i resolution? The fox broadcast this evening looked like it might have been slightly truncated on the edges when it recorded.


Honestly the only reason I noticed the difference is that when i tried to play it through the emby samsung app it was transcoding, whereas the broadcasts from CBS were not.  I'm assuming it's samsung's tv having trouble with the 720p for a direct stream.


Any thoughts/suggestions?  


Thank you ALL for the great work on this solution!


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For recordings we don't currently use ffmpeg at all, so we save the raw stream. In the future I'm sure we'll incorporate ffmpeg so that we can convert on the fly to streaming friendly formats.

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