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local actor images (.actors)


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My movies are organized in separate folders with movie name.

In every folder, there is a subfolder ".actors" wich contains the images of the actors.



This information is -together with the *.nfo file and other artwork- created by MediaElch


This tools creates all the necessary information on disk, and can be read by KODI, PLEX, etc...



I succeeded to configure EMBY to read the local *.nfo file, but the artwork for cast & crew remains empty.





Currently my advanced metadata config is as follows:




Is there a way in EMBY to incorporate this information? How to download actors artwork, preferably the local images?


kind regards,




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We store people information centrally instead of repeating it for every single item in your library.


As happy said, there is discussion elsewhere.

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For the next release and in the current beta, behavior is improved to help with this.


When scanning in new titles, even if you have existing metadata we'll still go out to the internet to try and pull in people information. 


Also, when opening individual person detail screens, there will be some on demand refreshing to attempt to fill in metadata for people that don't have any. 

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